Stocks to sell

Sometimes, I’ll root for an underdog. However, I just can’t get behind electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Lucid Group (NASDAQ:LCID) in 2023. LCID stock has been a poor performer and could easily continue to lose value this year. I’m not the only commentator who’s concerned about Lucid Group’s future prospects. As we’ll see, at least one expert
U.S. equities markets have had a decent albeit volatile year thus far, as inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical tensions have, at one time or another, weighed on investor sentiment. Let’s have a look at the numbers. Towards the end of July, the S&P 500 index had reached peak annual performance, at one point returning 19.5%.
In the dynamic world of stock trading, there’s no denying the importance of knowing which stocks billionaires are selling. Following these financial titans in their investment decisions can be invaluable in navigating the stock market’s volatility. Their access to top-tier research and wealth of experience often shape market trends, unlocking doors to potential investment avenues
QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) is a speculative growth stock, but this categorization isn’t what makes QS stock a questionable investment opportunity. You know the saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the odds are in your favor, taking calculated risks in early-stage stocks with a high degree of uncertainty can be a profitable strategy. The issue with this
Previously, we gave EVgo (NASDAQ:EVGO) stock a “D” grade along with a warning for prospective shareholders. Now, even as we uncover more information and developments, we still can’t enthusiastically recommend investing in EVgo. Maybe you’re intrigued with EVgo because you envision vigorous growth in the electric vehicle (EV) charging market. Your optimism is understandable, but EVgo
It’s been a tough few years for the bears. It feels like decades ago, but 2019’s flash crash had doomsayers predicting another 2008-style financial crisis. Likewise, the pandemic’s early days seemed like an economic disaster – until it wasn’t, as monetary policy pushed stocks to record highs. Now many of them have become some of