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In times of economic uncertainty, it can be wise to invest in recession-proof growth stocks that have the ability to withstand downturns and offer financial stability. Ensuring a portfolio is both robust and has growth potential is crucial. This piece spotlights three exceptional growth stocks that possess these attributes, effectively safeguarding against any potential economic
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) own, operate, and finance real estate properties such as healthcare facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, and offices. One of the most important factors to consider when assessing REITs is their dividend ratio. You may have looked at various REIT stocks and wondered why are their dividend payouts so high. It is
There was an unprecedented surge in consumer spending over the past 24 months. A rush of government stimulus combined with a strong economy gave Americans a ton of disposable cash for shopping. However, amid surging inflation and fears of an impending economic slowdown, consumers are tightening their belts in 2023. That has pushed certain household
The electric vehicle sector has experienced exponential growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options. However, three companies within the industry are still flying under the radar… but just for a short time. Let’s explore their strengths, challenges, and growth prospects to get an overview of possible future investment positioning. 
A Deloitte report about artificial intelligence (AI) in the life sciences puts it bluntly. Big data is the new currency for biopharma firms. The quantum leap forward in computational power that AI affords gives pharmaceutical firms the ability to develop products faster than ever before. This has lead investors to start looking for the top
The stocks on the list are prominent tech stocks with cutting-edge AI language models. The first stock’s advancements include the PaLM API, MakerSuite, and the Generative AI App Builder. It enables developers to generate various media from natural language prompts. In contrast, the second one collaborates with OpenAI and utilizes GPT-3.5 to resolve complex cloud incidents. It is revolutionizing
The transition to electric vehicles is underway, and it will benefit various suppliers, such as electric car makers, software providers, battery producers, EV charging stocks, and lithium miners. Investors can choose to invest directly in electric car stocks or companies that manufacture EV batteries to benefit from this megatrend. Since holding electric vehicle shares might
Federal Reserve officials are still persistent on hiking interest rates in the coming months amid inflationary pressures in the U.S. This is a crippling headwind for most tech stocks, as their valuations are tied to future growth, and thus become less attractive investments compared to bonds when rates increase. The possibility of interest rate hikes
In the investing world, top high-yielding dividend stocks can offer robust income streams, potentially acting as strong pillars for conservative investors looking to meet their financial milestones. However, the waters can get murky when you delve into the territory of dividend stocks yielding 20% or more. High yields often emerge from companies grappling with inherent
While nothing moves the world quite like digital innovation, at a certain point, even the most bulletproof enterprises require a cooling-off period, thus segueing to the topic of overvalued tech stocks to sell. To be 100% clear, this narrative does not center on shorting these market ideas. Rather, it’s about considering taking some profits off
As the stock market continues its perpetual dance, marked by unpredictable highs and lows, wagering on the top hyper-growth stocks could be an interesting contrarian move. Hyper-growth stocks have separated themselves from the pack with their robust top-line growth and an incredibly optimistic outlook among discerning investors. Emerging from the gloomy shadow of the 2022