Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a stock that has experienced fluctuations in price over the last two years. Nonetheless, recent promising developments have positioned it as a prime investment opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a tech boom, driving many stocks, including Apple’s, to reach all-time highs. However, recent economic challenges and restrictions on consumer spending caused
Penny stock investing peaked in 2021 and was a massive wealth creator for high-risk takers. Given the macroeconomic scenario, investors are inclined to remain overweight on blue-chip stocks and quality growth stocks. I, however, believe that some exposure to penny stocks is healthy. It’s important to note that significant wealth creation comes from growth stocks than large-cap companies. Even a
Troika Media Group (NASDAQ:TRKA) has been a popular meme stock so far in 2023. Even after tanking following a short squeeze in early March, TRKA stock remains up by more than 135% year-to-date. What makes shares in this marketing company stand out among meme stocks goes beyond just the fact it has been a strong performer.
Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio (NYSE:NIO) has multiple positive catalysts, including the expected rapid growth of the Chinese EV sector and its sedans, which are quickly becoming quite popular in the huge Asian country. Moreover, the valuation of NIO stock is very low, and two reviews of its P7 luxury sedan that I found online are quite
Inflation is slowly cooling, and global markets are starting to pick pace again. This means savvy investors need to start making their moves. The electric vehicle industry is hot and will be at the forefront throughout the decade. Several EV stocks went through a deep correction in 2022, but it does look like they are recovering
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Adene Sanchez | E+ | Getty Images Company: Exelixis (EXEL) Business: Exelixis, an oncology-focused biotechnology company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of new medicines to treat cancers in the United States. They have produced four marketed pharmaceutical products, including their flagship molecule, cabozantinib. Stock Market Value: $6.3B ($19.46 per share) Activist: Farallon Capital
Large, blue-chip dividend stocks are popular with investors due to their sleep-well-at-night qualities and ability to offer attractive, risk-adjusted, long-term wealth and income compounding. However, small-cap stocks have the potential to yield superior total returns. This is due to their higher growth potential and tendency to offer higher dividend yields. Indeed, small-cap stocks may involve
Dividend stocks remain at the top of investors’ radar. Not only do these companies pay out a portion of their cash flow to shareholders, but many do so consistently. This consistency has attracted investors over the years, particularly buy-and-hold investors. With the rise in Treasury yields over the last year, dividend stocks have faced more
If your portfolio doesn’t have some exposure to artificial intelligence (AI), you’re a little late to the party. That’s okay, though, as it’s not too late to take a position in Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock. No doubt about it — Microsoft will continue to push the boundaries in the generative AI field this year, and thereby deliver outstanding
Are all regional American banks the same? Definitely not! U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB) stands apart from failed banks for being consistently profitable while respecting shareholders with generous dividend payouts. At the end of the day, you’ll surely find that USB stock didn’t deserve its recent sharp drawdown and is poised for a swift comeback. It’s understandable that
Have you ever thought about investing in a Swiss bank? It’s actually not a bad idea, especially if we’re talking about UBS Group (NYSE:UBS). First of all, UBS stock is trading at a reasonable valuation. Plus, UBS Group’s takeover of Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) shouldn’t be as troublesome as some fearmongers would have you believe. Banking-sector contagion isn’t
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that will enable many businesses to both save money and accelerate growth. As a result, demand for powerful, efficient AI tools is likely to explode, and companies that can deliver them will be quite prosperous. Today, we’ll look at three of the best AI stocks on the market.