Stocks to buy

History proves there is no better way to create generational wealth than buying dividend stocks — especially the Dividend Aristocrats. There has not been a single decade over the last 93 years where dividend-paying stocks on the S&P 500 did not outperform non-dividend stocks. More recently, JPMorgan Chase found stocks that initiated and then raised their
As investors seek long-term opportunities in the digital assets world, many focus on top tier cryptocurrencies, sorting their list by market capitalization. Such a starting point certainly makes sense, given the relative stability a long-term track record and growth metrics provide prospective investors. On this list of digital assets worth holding for the long haul
According to Federal Reserve data, the United States household wealth reached a record high of $154.3 trillion during Q2 2023. This development carries substantial significance for the stock market. It signifies the complete recovery of consumer wealth from recent challenges driven by inflation-induced fluctuations in stock prices and real estate values. Over just three months,