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Ray Dalio may not get as much attention as some other hedge fund managers like Cathie Wood, Jim Simons and Steven Cohen. Yet, he’s earned his place among the world’s top fund managers. Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates manages more than $150 billion in capital. So, investors should be paying attention to the stocks that Ray Dalio is
After spending much of the pandemic in a bear market, oil stocks have rallied in 2022. Despite the rally slowing a bit, I believe the macroeconomic environment is still highly favorable for oil stocks. At current prices, oil companies are making money hand over fist. This is true even if oil dips to $80 per
Today I want to discuss several Cathie Wood stocks to buy on the dip. They are big holdings in her portfolios and are likely to see big gains once the market shakes out of its current downtrend. Sometimes it’s easier to simply piggyback on top of popular mutual funds’ holdings and simply buy them for
Though it’s tough to recognize the opportunity at the moment, bear market cycles offer a compelling entry point to some of the best bargain stocks to buy. Certain companies in particular have suffered substantial double-digit losses over the trailing month, which ordinarily isn’t a great sign. However, bearish traders may have gone too far as
In the current market climate, it can be tempting for investors to sell stocks that are losing value to minimize losses. However, this strategy is often counterproductive, as it can result in missing out on a rebound when the market recovers. In addition, panic selling often leads to emotional decision-making, which can compound losses. For
Opendoor Technologies (NASDAQ:OPEN) is an iBuying business. Meanwhile, Zillow (NASDAQ:Z, NASDAQ:ZG) offers a tech-enhanced platform for buying or selling a home. Together, the two companies are effectively creating a super-app for real estate. This, along with a potential pause in interest-rate hikes, should catalyze OPEN stock in 2022’s second half. Famously, or perhaps infamously, Zillow tried its
Finding the best chip stocks to buy isn’t as easy as it once was. After record demand in 2021, even the strongest chip stocks, such Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), continue to struggle as a result of supply chain constraints and severe macroeconomic headwinds. For instance, the S&P 500 Semiconductors Select Industry index is down 21% year to date.
With bullish sentiment steadily creeping back into the market, speculators may be eyeballing undervalued meme stocks to buy. Just to set the tone, Augsburg University defines this investment category as any security “that’s seen its price skyrocket due to excessive trading volume from retail investors.” In particular, social media forums fuel this endeavor. The Wall
While virtually every financial advisor will steer you away from these picks, invariably, investors eventually gravitate toward cheap penny stocks to buy. Some might end their fascination with the topic at the investigatory stage. Others, though, will take the leap of faith. Before we move forward, these ideas are simply that: wild bursts of speculation.
Earnings season remains in full swing with a slate of major technology companies reporting earnings the week of August 22. While many of the best-known technology concerns have already announced their second-quarter results, there are still significant firms in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud computing, semiconductors, e-commerce, and personal computers left to report financial results