The digital domain of the metaverse remains a massive opportunity for many sectors. With its massive potential applications, it’s no surprise that it’s drawn significant investment from major tech companies and corporations. Many consider it a massive market for long-term growth, resulting in investors to zero-in on top metaverse stocks to buy. The magnetic charm
Navigating the financial sector’s tumultuous waters has been incredibly challenging, especially with the unexpected collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March. This event has cast a long shadow over the sector, causing bank shares to struggle and putting Wall Street on high alert. Amidst this uncertainty, short-sellers and fundamental investors seeking value are looking to
There are plenty of reasons for investors to take a position in defense stocks. U.S. defense contractors tend to be safe and reliable investments. Most major defense contractors benefit from lucrative government contracts, innovative technologies, strong intellectual property rights, robust sales and growing profits. In addition, there are a number of attractive defensive stocks with
Hedge funds continue to exert outsized influence over equity markets. The world’s 20 largest hedge funds collectively hold $45 trillion of assets under management. The largest hedge fund in the U.S., Bridgewater Associates, manages $126 billion. These massive funds often buy and sell billions of dollars worth of stock at a time, moving markets in
It’s understandable if some investors are intrigued by QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) stock. The electric vehicle battery technology company’s forever battery seems promising, at least in theory. Since QuantumScape is taking a while to move from idea to revenue, there’s significant risk that QS stock might lose value over the coming months. Indeed, QuantumScape stock has already declined
Some companies clearly have what it takes to remain leaders in their sectors. Many will never face meaningful competitive threats. They have very strong brands and are well-positioned to grow, making them some of the best long-term buy and hold stocks. Additionally, these companies provide products or services that are indispensable. Even better, most are
While market advocates will wince at accusations that investing is nothing more than legalized gambling, for these stocks with massive upside potential, I for one will have to concede that only speculators should read ahead. Though these enterprises may have yield lifechanging returns, they can quickly leave you in the poor house. At the same
Amid concerns about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate tightening, market conditions are anticipated to remain difficult in 2023. The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine further contributes to the uncertain market outlook. Thus, finding stocks to buy in this environment can seem like a very difficult task. However, there are some high potential stocks
Even though Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) stock is up sharply year-to-date, investors need to be careful now. Meta Platforms’ latest layoffs could be a sign of trouble. Also, Meta Platforms will have to pay a high price for failing to abide by data-privacy rules in the United Kingdom. Meta Platforms is involved in multiple different technology fields